Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday Harlee!!

Harlee celebrated her 9th birthday with her silly girlfriends! We haven't even cut the cake, can you imagine how they will be when the sugar from that sets in! I can't believe how the time has flown by. I wanted her to stop growing, but apparently she hasn't listened. She enjoyed the day giggling and laughing with friends.
Happy 9th Birthday Harlee!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

The BIG 12!

The time has arrived....Madison if offically a 12 year old (which means Chris and & I are really old). I can't believe it is here. We had family over to celebrate this happy day with Madison, she even had a little party with her new classmates...THE BEEHIVES. Yes, Madison will now be going to Young Womens and Mutual, YIKES! Too bad I'm not in there any more to keep a close eye on her and make sure she isn't scooping out any boys, but lucky for her dad IS in Young Mens so you can bet he will be watching much closer than I would. Time goes by too fast, before I know it she will be a Senior. Happy Birthday Madison!!!!!

TaVacci Christmas Concert

Harlee and Gracee sang their little hearts out at their first TaVacci Concert.
They did such a good job and they were so entertaining!!
I think Gracee was made for the stage, she was right at home moving and a grooven...shaking her stuff like she owned the place.
Good Job Girls!

Monday, October 26, 2009

It all started with home grown pumpkins. We decided we would try and grow our own....wa laa, the Evans Pumpkin Patch came to life!
Warning: These plants take over!!!
I think the girls had their pumpkins tagged before they were even full grown. They were wanting to pick and carve them in Sept. (I don't think they were excited)
So finally it comes the time to carve and they think they want to carve Van Gogh or Monte.
They were pretty ambitious with the fancy carvings but no one lost their temper and we all managed to keep smiles on our faces the whole time. I think they did a pretty good job.
It was a fun family night!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thanks to a nice neighbor and his beautiful property we ventured out to take advantage of this amazing time of year and the beauty it offers. As fun as it was it wasn't the same without the missing daughter Madison. My poor bug was down and out sick on the couch with pictures being the last thing on her mind. I hope to get some of her when she is feeling better... hopefully the Idaho wind will be kind and leaves us some leaves to enjoy.
Gracee and Harlee had loads of fun playing, jumping and chasing eachother in the leaves.
I think they would have much rather played in the leaves all afternoon than take pictures!

Go Team!!

So Proud of Madison and the Volleypops! The season is over and they ended it being the Champs! Go Girls!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Is He CRAZY!!!

The LOTOJA...definition = At 206 miles, the LOTOJA is the longest one-day sanctioned bicycle race in the country. The race starts in Logan, Utah, climbs and decends 3 mountain passes in the first 110 miles and finishes in Jackson Hole, WY.
On Sept. 12, 2009 Chris & his buddy Brady decided to venture this race, so we traveled to Logan, UT along with some 1200 other crazy bikers. What an amazing experience it was. Alli (Brady's wife) and I were the support for the guys, having water, gatorade, food etc. at all the scheduled stops. Getting to follow them on their downhill sprints pressing foward on the inclines was more emotional than I would have thought. This race was one of not only physical but mental stamina. Even at the point of physical & mental exhaustion they keep going!! They started the LOTOJA in the dark and they FINISHED in the dark!! Yes, they finished. A sight to behold!!!! They both swore that since they finished there was no need to do it again. They say that now....I think when next year rolls around, they will be in that line registering. Chris... you will never know how proud I am of this accomplishment and your drive to succeed.