Monday, April 14, 2008

It's the Latest TREND!

Some of you may not have known this, but while we have been away Chris has taken some classes at the local beauty school. Needless to say they haven't let him graduate!! This is called the vaccum do. All you need is central vac and a willing victim. She quite likes this actually. Maybe that is why Chris doesn't every seem to mind vaccuming!

Easter....yes that is SNOW!

Yes, you are seeing correctly. I am sure those of you in sunny weather will get a kick out of this. We actually did hide eggs in the snow. I must say, it was a little bit weird. The kids didn't seem to mind, they just wanted those eggs.

Last Minute fun in the Snow!!

Gracee and Chris are enjoying their turn down the hill. Gracee was having a ball. Boy did she throw a fit when it was time to stop. Typical red head I guess..
Madison took the sledding like a fish to water. No hesitations, she flew down the hill enjoying every minute of it.

Chris and Gracee got to be the taxi and take all the sledders back up the hill after each run. I got to stay at the botton...someone had to capture all the fun!

We decided since we live in snow country now, it might be a good idea to embrace it, so we all took snowboarding lessons (with the execption of Chris of course, he became a pro going to Sunrise...ha..ha...)

Harlee kicked butt..she didn't have any problem picking it up at all. She was going on her 3rd run down the hill while I was still working on my 1st. Pretty sad.
Madison was the same. She and I took lessons together and she spanked me. I think there is and advantage to being lower to the ground, not quite as far to fall and a whole lot easier to get up.
Plus I think they rebound faster after crashing and burning all day. It is amazing how fast these kids can learn new things!

This is the small ski slope we hit this winter and where we learned to board. Kelly Canyons' the name, and what makes it so nice is that it is a whoping 30 mins. from the house. Can't beat that.
They even have night skiing. We closed our last trip of the season doing it at night and really enjoyed it. I am hoping to get Gracee out there next season. It is awsome to see these 3 yr. olds riping down the slopes on their skis.
The girls were troopers learning this and actually wanting to continue it..usually after we have invested all our money in gear for a sport they decide they aren't interested anymore. So far so good...then again we have all summer for them to change their minds!