Monday, September 21, 2009

Is He CRAZY!!!

The LOTOJA...definition = At 206 miles, the LOTOJA is the longest one-day sanctioned bicycle race in the country. The race starts in Logan, Utah, climbs and decends 3 mountain passes in the first 110 miles and finishes in Jackson Hole, WY.
On Sept. 12, 2009 Chris & his buddy Brady decided to venture this race, so we traveled to Logan, UT along with some 1200 other crazy bikers. What an amazing experience it was. Alli (Brady's wife) and I were the support for the guys, having water, gatorade, food etc. at all the scheduled stops. Getting to follow them on their downhill sprints pressing foward on the inclines was more emotional than I would have thought. This race was one of not only physical but mental stamina. Even at the point of physical & mental exhaustion they keep going!! They started the LOTOJA in the dark and they FINISHED in the dark!! Yes, they finished. A sight to behold!!!! They both swore that since they finished there was no need to do it again. They say that now....I think when next year rolls around, they will be in that line registering. Chris... you will never know how proud I am of this accomplishment and your drive to succeed.