Saturday, October 6, 2007


Woke up this morning to white! SO cool. The girls were itching to be out there in the cold. Our first big snow. Harlee didn't waste any time making her cute little snowman. She worked really hard on it. Turned out cute, she was pretty proud of it. Gracee wanted to join so bad, it mad her mad to have to watch the girls from the window. Last year at this time she was only crawling.
Guess we will have to invest in serious winter clothes for her this year.

Left behind, for now.....looking foward to.....

This is one of the funniest things we used to do in Arizona. Visiting Lake Powell, playing in the water, enjoying the company of good friends and just having a ball!!! We do hope to eventually get back there, hook up with friends and keep adding to the memories!!
But....this is one of the super fun things we have got to do since moving to Idaho. Snowmobiling...
(although, don't get the touring one... man I flipped that thing more than once with Chris on the back, he did tip us to. We had a blast. Nothing like being up in Yellowstone in -15 degree weather hauling in the snow on a snowmobile. Our junkie duning friends would love it!!! Looking foward to doing it again this winter.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Our Leap of FAITH..... our New Business in Idaho

It's official...we open doors this month with a lot of prayers. We up and left our life in Arizona to pursue a better one here in Idaho and with that move we had to find employment. So here we are once again starting a company with lots of sleepless nights and lots of prayers. I am proud of Chris and all his hard work to bring this to pass! This is our business cards and logo, turned out good I think! I will be keeping you updated as we go foward, especially with some pictures of the amazing granite we have chosen to stock. It's almost too pretty to cut up....


What a gift! For our anniversay my parents arranged for us to go to the Church Offices and meet with Micheal Watson who works with the First Presidency. What a treat!!
One of the coolest parts of visiting Salt Lake was that Micheal Watson arranged for us to eat on the top floor of the Joseph Smith Building (The Rose Garden Resturant). What an amazing place. It over looks all of Temple Square, and talk about the food.... yum yum! The desserts were to die for. He had flowers for the ladies and a special book written by Pres. Hinckley and signed by him for us ladies. WOW!!

While at the Church Offices we were privleaged enough to get to stand behind the chairs where the Prophet and the Twelve meet daily for Church business. The room was amazing beyond description! Wood panaling (russian walnut) throughout, absouletly amazing. The spirit.....undescribable.

Here we are standing with Bro. Watson and his
wife, my parents, Buddy Youngreen, my brother and his wife.
This room has remained untouched since its contruction in the early 1900's. Amazing to think how many prophets have been in this room!

Monday, October 1, 2007


Finally some family members came to join our mad quest for a better life for our family. We are hoping that slowly but surely as we sucker our family members to visit, they will get sucked in like we did and want to join our craziness!!! It's good to dream... right?

All About the Girlz!

Gracee Lu (she is too many things to come up with only one nickname!) A ball of fire. On my toes all the time with her. I think I was spoiled with the other two, they were so mellow..... not this wild child. Got to love her though. She is the Evans cabouse!!!

Harlee Rae (peanut for mom) always full of spunk with a smile on her face. The poor middle child though. I can't get enough of those cheeks. Dad and I love to rub and squeeze them and she is such a good sport about it too.

Madison (if you ask mom though, she will always be my "beautiful bug". She doesn't much appreciate being called that though especially out in public. I always get the evil eye or the "don't call me that" look.) I keep trying to squash her so she will stop growing. Not working!!