Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thanks to a nice neighbor and his beautiful property we ventured out to take advantage of this amazing time of year and the beauty it offers. As fun as it was it wasn't the same without the missing daughter Madison. My poor bug was down and out sick on the couch with pictures being the last thing on her mind. I hope to get some of her when she is feeling better... hopefully the Idaho wind will be kind and leaves us some leaves to enjoy.
Gracee and Harlee had loads of fun playing, jumping and chasing eachother in the leaves.
I think they would have much rather played in the leaves all afternoon than take pictures!


Candace said...

CUTE! I'm jealous. I haven't had the chance to take the boys out yet and it looks like we are going to see snow this week!

sherry said...

look at you, digiscrapper! I need to learn how. Cute pics!